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Tailoring The Future

Our lives have been continuously evolving. The speed of technology is changing our environment, culture, relationships and many more. The question is: how can we adapt ourselves?

Tailoring the Future aims to connect and inspire anyone who is up to this major task. TTF is a fresh academy in the heart of the Netherlands. Our training center is situated in Rijswijk, the Hague. We aim to serve entrepreneurs, start-ups, scale-ups, professionals and individuals who call themselves “Life-Long Learner”. We deliver tailor-made trainings and events in both personal and professional topics.

We, as the TTF team, are following trends closely in order to present the most demanded trainings to you. We also accelerate start-ups and scale-ups.

Please contact us if you have any feedback or inspiring ideas.

Let’s tailor the future together!

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    Address: Visseringlaan 24B, Rijswijk · Telephone: +31 6 11 40 11 96